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Advent calendars, oh how they’ve changed. I recently stumbled across a £70 ‘advent calendar’ in Selfridges in which you get a mini beauty product every day. Think Lancome lipstick and OPI nail varnish. Or how about a £25 Lego advent calendar in which you get a lego piece for every box you open? 

If i’m completely honest…I’m happy with my simple chocolate calendar. When me and my sister were very young, my Mum handmade a Christmas tree advent calendar with pockets which we still fill with chocolate to this day.

This year, Usborne have gone back to basics and introduced a do-it-yourself advent calendar. It’s a lovely little thing to have and means the child will sit down every day and colour in the little area and I’m hoping, will consider the advent period a lot more profound than if they were scoffing chocolate just before school. Usborne are hugely successful with their activity books and I love this idea.

The book/calendar opens up almost like stage doors and stands up on its own. You know what? I’m half tempted to get one for myself, but then that may just mean I own every single Usborne book, ever!

If you want to deviate from your usual advent calendar purchase and want some fun and creativity in the household, this is for you!

Advent Calendar to Colour




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I  adored the Farmyard tales when I was younger and I have such a fondness for the little duck that pops up everywhere in these iconic illustrations. Did I mention I’m a proud owner of said duck? It’s a real treat that these books are still in print.

It’s Christmas at Apple Tree Farm and the boot family are making preparations for Christmas. The children are especially excited as they can’t wait to see what santa will bring them. The pages are full of interactive things to touch and lift. It’s great, festive fun.

‘Christmas Farmyard Tales’ is published by Usborne £9.99


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Christmas around the world

Part of the popular Usborne Young Reading series, ‘Christmas Around the World’ is a glorious little book full of facts and interesting traditions about Christmas. This book covers everything and is wonderful for teaching children about Christmas for the first time, especially if you want to remind them of traditions we might not see as much today.

I of course went straight to the chapter about food which describes what people eat from all around the world. In Italy, theircake of choice is pannetone. It’s a big round sweet cake full of fruit and if you’re lucky, you might be able to get some in this country too.

And not everyone waits for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. In Sweden, children leave out a bowl of porridge for the Tomte, a gnome who lives under the floorboards. And from this book you might even learn how to say Merry Christmas in lots of other languages….that will impress your friends.

For such a seemingly small book this is actually full of festive facts and the illustrations are great, really bringing the different cultures and traditions to life.

A charming book to get any child into the Christmas spirit, whatever their traditions.

‘Christmas Around the World’ is published by Usborne, £4.99


log on to www.usborne.com for more fantastic Christmas books.

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