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I’ve just been sent this stunning book and I had to tell you all about it immediately. I’d put this down on your Christmas list…whether it’s a gift for the children or just a gift for yourself. I’ll certainly be displaying it on a feature space at work as Christmas draws nearer. It also featured in last weeks The Bookseller magazine for the children’s Christmas bestseller category preview.

‘The Ice Bear’ written and illustrated by Jackie Morris is one of those books where the story is just as good as the illustrations; and that’s a rare thing.  Set in a stunning, desolate Artctic backdrop, this beautiful story

‘reminds us that we are caretakers of its wild creatures and our actions directly affect their future.’

It’s slightly longer than a normal picture book and I’d certainly class it as a gift book and the message it evokes is clearly to be understood for an older audience of 5+. It is just a stunning book and the attention to detail leaves you breathless as the harsh landscape is juxtaposed with a warming story of man learning to live with nature again, rather than destroy it.

I really don’t want to give much away as this story is as much about discovery throughout, as it is enjoying the vast imagery and kind story. I finished this story comforted, reminded that a little bit of magic does still exist and we should do everything we can to protect it, and live in harmony.

Raven calls across the ice and the hunter sees a scrap of white fur in the snow

Whilst children may not come away with such a strong opinion, it is a book which will affect them and draw them in to the Arctic landscape, as they momentarily forget where they are; curled up by the fire at Christmas.

‘The Ice Bear’ is published by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, £11.99 HB, 9781845079680

You can visit Jackie Morris’s website www.jackiemorris.co.uk

To listen to Jackie reading the story

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