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The Fallen By Watchbird is a book I received with great interest. Having written my dissertation on fairytales, I was eager to read this. This book has been produced to coincide with the release of Jane Weaver’s album. It’s an interesting and new direction in publicity and I really like it.

The book follows a beautiful young girl who is cared for by her own Watchbird, after her one true love is sent out to sea at war. A watchbird is not a pet, nor do you choose  to keep it. It chooses you and only those with a pure and kind heart is cared for by a watchbird. When the evil witch decides she wants a watchbird for herself, a whole flock of them descend upon the girl and the witch and prove who is more important to them; good or evil.

This is a curious tale which had me gripped. The illustrations are unique. Part hand-drawn, part digital; they remind me of ones we might see in a Grimm anthology but with a 21st century angle. The tale is rather open ended and doesn’t conclude rather than alludes to adventures ahead as the young girl continues her quest to find her soldier.

Thinking about how this book may complement Jane’s new album, I am very eager to hear her music.

A hauntingly good fairytale with an unique premise.


Jane Weaver


£6.99 HB

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