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Spooky doodles

A new publication from Usborne this Halloween; Spooky Doodles Activity Cards. These types of activity books always sell well as they keep children entertained for a long time, and the finished doodle cards are something that can be used to decorate their bedrooms for October 31st.

In the same illustrative style as ‘Spooky Sticker Book’ featured yesterday, children’s imaginations will run wild as they are given a starting instruction to get doodling. They can draw whatever they want as something creepy lurks under the bed as a little boy sleeps, and if it all gets too scary, not to worry…the cards are wipe-clean and they can start all over again. 

My favourite card is the bats. I would draw giant mutant bats coming straight out the page towards me. I’m not so fond of the owls though, they look decidedly stern! A fabulously haunting treat and great value for money at £5.99 as you get 50 wipe-clean cards!

‘Spooky Doodles’ published by Usborne, £5.99


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