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If you (or your kids) have ever wondered how Santa gets all those presents delivered and how he makes all of them and what his house in the North Pole is really like, this is the definitive book.

It’s a pop-up book and the pop-up designs are so detailed and intricate, they’re 360degrees pop up so anywhere you look there’s something to be found. From the cookies cutters in the kitchen to the hammer in the elves workshop, the attention to detail is amazing and the book if full of amazing facts. This is sure to keep the kids amused if they’re tired of watching DVD’s. Such fun. The author’s name is Alan Snow, do you think that’s real?

I do love a good pop-up book. Even if I’ve got the original plain book edition, if the pop-ups are worthy, I will buy that too!


Alan Snow


£12.99 HB Pop-up

Simon & Schuster Children’s Books

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