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Coming this weekend a feature on ‘dark theme’ picture books. With the influx of the ‘dark fantasy genre’ (meaning Twilight, True Blood and Blue Bloods) I’ve looked into the representation of this new genre in the children’s age group.

What might be quite interesting to discover is that there are many picture books available with a dark residual theme in them. Don’t get me started on the fairy tale themes and walking into the woods, but there seems to be a recurring and very real theme of danger in picture books recently and I review their effectiveness and once again, the issue of age group appropriacy.

One picture book which particularly caught my fairy tale induced eye is ‘Darkness Slipped In’ about the threat of the dark, or at least the perceived threat of the dark.

And of course ‘Into the Forest’ by the most wonderful, Anthony Browne. A re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Check back Sunday for an in-depth discussion.

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