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If you keep up to date with new film releases then you will know that Jim Carrey is starring in a new film ‘Mr Popper’s Penguins’. But did you also know that the film is actually an adaptation from a book, originally published in 1938?

Mr Popper, a gentle fellow is a poor house painter who lives with his family. Like many people he dreams of bigger adventures, not least to visit the Antarctica. One day, he receives a very specialĀ  parcel in the post…a penguin (reminds me of Oliver Jeffers’ ‘Lost and Found’). Before long, Mr Popper has a lot of penguins on his hand, and not enough ice or money for their lavish tastes!

So Mr Popper does the only sensible thing – he creates a performing penguin group that travels the country far and wide and performs tricks and stunts. But the penguins can’t sleep in the fridge forever and when Spring starts to emerge, it’s a race against time for the penguins who prefer colder climbs. Will the penguins get back to their home, and will Mr Popper realise his dream of travelling to Antarctica? Well, the penguins will need a tour guide along the way!

The book is wonderfully illustrated, bringing the charming, cheeky penguins to life. The book might not be as well know in the UK as it is in the US, where it was originally published. But if you ever come across an old copy, do give it a try. It’s a wonderful book full of whimsy, magic and dreams. I mean, who doesn’t dream of having a pet penguin or two, or three…

Here is the trailer for the new film…

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