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We all know how fascinated I am about fairy tales (and for those who don’t know, I focused my dissertation on them looking at the portrayal of the maturation process of girls) so any re-telling of a popular tale; of which there are many, will always grab my attention.

‘Letters from Rapunzel’ by Sara Lewis Holmes was published a few years ago now, but I have only just discovered it after falling onto her wonderful blog site ‘Read, Write, Believe’ which can be found here: http://saralewisholmes.blogspot.com/ 

Sara writes to be part of the ‘eternal conversation’ which I find a beautiful reason, and really seems to have a passion for what she writes about and the causes she is involved in. From a brief visit to her blog and personal website I can tell she very much recognises the importance of putting a child with book.

So back to the fairy tale in hand. What’s refreshing about this Rapunzel tale is its modern twist finding that ‘happily ever after’ just means the story hasn’t finished yet. Rather than dealing with Rapunzel directly, we follow Cadence who feels strong empathy with Rapunzel as she feels trapped in a bad place. This story relies heavily on the readers’ perseverence as Cadence has to struggle with her father’s illness and her mother’s depression. Even as the possibility of that ‘happily-ever’after’ scenario fades, the spirit of Cadence keeps hope alive and the reader is rewarded.

A wonderful read as Sara Lewis Holmes has demonstrated her ability to use a classic fairy tale and use it within an analogy that will resonate with modern readers. This is a gift sometimes lost on the Disney age.

ISBN: 9780060780739

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