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Continuing with the christmas countdown of the ultimate books for Christmas is number 9.

The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett

The Rabbit Problem

This is the most wonderful picture books, my words cannot give it justice. It is truly inspiring and more importantly, it is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

As a hardback book this will keep well which is a good thing because trust me, you will read this book again and again, whether you’re with a child or not.

The rabbits have a problem, there’s a growing amount of them beyonds mathematical comprehension. We’re talking seriously squished bunnies here! This is a year in the life of a rabbit family, displayed in a calendar style book as they face a monthly challenge on top of their growing brood. This book is just wonderful because it teaches things without realising it. Being in calendar form, it gives the book a contemporary edge over other picture books and gives the book a clear format and the kids will surely have a favourite month.

There are great interactive elements with flaps and pop ups. I recommend you look at this book before you buy it just to experience it and fall in love with it like I have. The illustrations veer away from the traditional with each rabbit being as individual as the storyline itself.

Emily Gravett has created a real treasure of a book here and I can’t wait for more people to realise how great it is.

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