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Still riding on the back of a very royal jubilant year indeed, Nosy Crow are publishing ‘The Princess and the Peas’ by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton. Now, I must admit from the start…I do not like peas. They’re green, they’re a funny texture and worst of all…unreliable. You never know if the pea you are about to eat is a good pea..or a bad pea. But I digress.

Lily-Rose May has a good excuse for not liking peas…she’s allergic to them and gets herself worked up into a terrible state when one day her Dad tries to feed her peas because “they’re good for you”…

Soon the doctor is called and an allergy to peas can mean only one thing…Lily-Rose is a princess! (I was never deemed a princess for not liking peas!)

Lily-Rose thinks the Princess lifestyle is fabulous..until she learns what she will be eating every day…cabbage stew anyone? mmmm. Lily-Rose begins to miss home and the lovely house she lived in with her kind father. Quick as a hat she realises what’s more important and hot-foots it home in to the loving arms of her Dad and comes up with a clever way of eating those peas!

The illustrations are fun and full of colour and imagination. I love the idea of a story within a story when the doctor tells the tale of princess who couldn’t eat peas. It’s a fun take on an old classic, without being preachy.

Yes peas…this is a lovely charming tale with a moral about eating up your greens. They are good for you, after all. And if you need to dip them in ketchup, so be it.

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEAS By Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton


Nosy Crow, HB, £10.99

September 2012

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