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I love this series of picture books by Miroslav Sasek. Customers at work are always looking for books that will help their children on their first travels and I think these are a good starting point.

(The Usborne ‘We’re going on a plane/to the dentist/to the vet/to a funeral’ etc books are also invaluable to a child’s first time experiences).

On doing a little research there are loads of travel related picture books. My favourite would have to be ‘This is New York’ because I visited the big apple when I was only 16 and felt completely overwhelmed so can only imagine what it’s like  for a small child. And for those not travelling; this is a great picture book to get the imagination going picturing fantastic adventures around New York.

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The next book in the Christmas countdown is one close to my heart. At least, the original is close to my heart. It’s the follow on book from The  Jolly Postman.

It’s the Jolly Christmas Postman and it’s just heartwarming. Now some may find the idea of a human postman delivering post to domesticated animals a little disconcerting, but come on people it’s a picture book; the epitome of the disconcerting. But it’s the imaginative that you embrace when you open up  a picture book and it reaps rewards if you do it with an open mind.

What I love about this book and indeed, the original is the interactive element as we open the post delivered to each character (I wont dwell on the face we are surely breaking some privacy laws here) Janet and Allan Ahlberg are you the reason behind the tragic youth of today?

Another aspect of the book to ignore is the fact that the jolly postman is delivering letters on Christmas Eve. This does not happen, but again I digress.

The Ahlberg’s have once again triumphed as this innovative book will please any child learning the fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Little Red Riding Hood and Humpty Dumpty are the highlights for me.

An uplifting, unceremoniously British picture book which reminds the adults to get to the post office in good time.

ISBN: 9780670886272

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