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Still riding on the back of a very royal jubilant year indeed, Nosy Crow are publishing ‘The Princess and the Peas’ by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton. Now, I must admit from the start…I do not like peas. They’re green, they’re a funny texture and worst of all…unreliable. You never know if the pea you are about to eat is a good pea..or a bad pea. But I digress.

Lily-Rose May has a good excuse for not liking peas…she’s allergic to them and gets herself worked up into a terrible state when one day her Dad tries to feed her peas because “they’re good for you”…

Soon the doctor is called and an allergy to peas can mean only one thing…Lily-Rose is a princess! (I was never deemed a princess for not liking peas!)

Lily-Rose thinks the Princess lifestyle is fabulous..until she learns what she will be eating every day…cabbage stew anyone? mmmm. Lily-Rose begins to miss home and the lovely house she lived in with her kind father. Quick as a hat she realises what’s more important and hot-foots it home in to the loving arms of her Dad and comes up with a clever way of eating those peas!

The illustrations are fun and full of colour and imagination. I love the idea of a story within a story when the doctor tells the tale of princess who couldn’t eat peas. It’s a fun take on an old classic, without being preachy.

Yes peas…this is a lovely charming tale with a moral about eating up your greens. They are good for you, after all. And if you need to dip them in ketchup, so be it.

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEAS By Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton


Nosy Crow, HB, £10.99

September 2012

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I’ve really come to adore this fantastic series created by Axel Scheffler featuring the characters of Pip and Posy – two best friends who get on (most of the time) Each story has a theme to it – sharing, kindness…all things children should learn about and are sometimes overlooked in certain stories.

Each book is filled with Scheffler’s famous illustrations, rich with colour and visually stimulating…there’s always something to discover on each page.

In this latest tale, Pip has a lovely big shiny red balloon but of course, like many child’s balloons, Pip lets go of it and it floats away out of reach. Thankfully Pip’s friend Posy is there to cheer him up with lots of bubbles. A charming little story all about being nice and charitable to one another.

This is the fourth book in the fantastic Pip and Posy series. A fifth book will be published by Nosy Crow in the autumn titled ‘The Snowy Day’. I can’t wait! Another thing to mention is the fantastic price – I think £7.99 for a full colour, padded hardback books is brilliant.

Pip and Posy: The Big Balloon by Axel Scheffler


£7.99, April 2012

Nosy Cr0w

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Published today by Nosy Crow, and part of a brand new series; Pip and Posy are two adorable little friends who are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Axel Scheffler has branched out from his usual collaboration with Julia Donaldson and produced two wonderful stories that will introduce themes of friendship, love and sharing to young children. There is something so familiar and reassuring about Axel’s illustrations and the gentle drawings of green parks and blue skies reassure that when it comes down to it…it’s the simple things in life that matter.

In ‘Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter’ Pip is very lucky and has got a brand new scooter to play with. When Posy comes along, she wants to play and runs off with it. But she has never been on a scooter before and when she tries to copy Pip’s tricks, it all goes horribly wrong. Will Pip be too angry with Posy to help her out or will he realise that every friendship has its falling outs and come to Posy’s aid?

Being a young children’s book, this of course has a moral and a very important one too and I think the tale will resound particularly with parents of more than one child as they learn to share and grapple with growing up.

In ‘Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle’ Pip ends up having an accident after drinking too much during snack time and forgets to go to the potty. Pip is very embarassed but Posy, being the lovely, kind friend that she is, reassures Pip that everyone has accidents from time to time and makes him feel a lot better.

Like The Super Scooter, this is a reassuring tale which many parents can use as a learning tool when teaching young ones about using the potty. It is a charming tale told without fuss or cause for embarassment and who could possibly resist the beauty of Pip and Posy’s friendship?

Both Pip and Posy books are published by Nosy Crow this April, priced £8.99 as HB padded books.

(9780857630056 – The Super Scooter)

(9780857630049 – The Little Puddle)

Do check out the wonderful Nosy Crow website for other great children’s books www.nosycrow.com

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