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I’ve just realised I completely forgot to review the new Mr Men story ‘Mr Nobody’ who feels invisible and ignored. How ironic. Sorry Mr Nobody, your time will come this week.

In preview of this week I’m reviewing a most wonderful book called ‘Jim’ which was originally published in 1907. It first caught my eye because I know a wonderful, whimsical guy called Jim who lives in Tunisia. Now the book has been re-invented through the illustrations of Mini Grey. She too is a person of interest to me and I might like to interview her about her illustration style.

Dracula will also be emerging from his coffin and leaping into a beautiful edition of Bram Stoker’s dark, absurd tale.

And finally there will be a whole host of childhood historical heroes in a look at adventure tale anthologies.

So that’s this week in preview, Jim, Dracula and historical heroes- that’s my invite list sorted for the mad hatter’s tea party!

I am also considering some new features to set up on here. I would like to include author and illustrator interviews, twitter length reviews as I have so many books I want to review but not the time to review them in length so in similar fashion to children’s author Melvin Burgess and his quest to tweet stories at 140 characters in length http://www.melvinburgess.net/home/blog5.php , I will review in the same manner. It will be a challenge but fun to say if I can use my English language to the best of its ability. I’ve just read through Melvin Burgess’s site/blog/tweets. Fascinating man, I love his frankness and often welcomed absurdity. Would be wonderful to interview him as I get the feeling he wouldn’t lie and would tell you where to go if you overstepped the mark. Be sure to check out his books for older children, teenage years.

And finally I will present a weekly list of ‘5 Minutes Peace’s 5 favourite…’ this will change each week, it could be 5 favourite fairytales, picture books, illustrators. I think it will be fun and get a bit of regularity going, something that people can check back for on a weekly or daily basis. Let me know your thoughts.

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This week I am continuing the Alice trend. As we’ve seen from blogs such as http://aliceintheinternet.wordpress.com there is so much to be explored still and as always, i’ll be looking at the editions designed for children.

I’ll be taking a more in depth look at Anthony Browne’s book and exploring the important illustration design within each of his stories.

And, because we all love Mr Men, there’s a great story called Mr Nobody which has attracted a lot of attention recently, everyone seems to have a space in their heart for him, not least Mr Happy.

I’m sure there will be further book reviews and i’m going to start a weekly post called ‘5 Minutes with my Wishlist’ in which I will post twitter lenth reviews of books I am excited about.

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