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This book warmed my heart after a horrible day at work. I came home to discover the Zoe and Beans book, a bag, a mug and jelly beans. I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Published by Macmillan in January 2011, this is going to do so well in the picture book market for those who are fans of friendship tales along the lines of Oliver Jeffers and for existing fans of Mick Inkpen.

Written and illustrated by Mick Inkpen and his daughter Chloe, ‘Zoe and Beans’ tells the charming tale of a little girl Zoe and her pet dog Beans, who makes the habit of stealing Zoe’s toy ever since he misplaced his. Will Zoe get her toy back before it smells of dog and will Beans ever be reunited with his chew toy Binky Boo?

I love the almost camaraderie between the two in this book. There is clear love between the pet and his owner but their friendship is not without its ups and downs, as is the case with every friendship. A charming book. I fell in love with the illustrations immediately; Chloe Inkpen’s drawings depict the friendship between Zoe and beans with an artists ease and I can see why she got the esteemed second prize for the Macmillan Children’s Prize for illustration.

 ‘Zoe and Beans: Where is Binky Boo’ is published by Macmillan Children’s Books on 7th January 2011


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I might be slightly biased here because the book is all about a fellow Lucy, but there’s plenty more to love about this picture book by Sanchia Oppenheimer, illustrated by Imogen Clare.

Little Lucy goes shopping and comes back with extraordinary finds from garlands to a zebra. Written in alliterative, alphabet form this book is not only a great bedtime read but also a great tool for learning the alphabet. I challenge you to memorise all the things Lucy buys!

The illustrator, Imogen Clare won the 2008 Macmillan Children’s Prize for Illustration and subsequently a book was published. What I love about these illustrations is their simplicity. There’s almost a naivety that heralds simpler times and evokes fond memories. For me, it brought back a trip to the market when I was about four or five years old. I went with my Grandma and she bought me a cuddle stuffed hedgehog. I named him Harry and he’s still with me today, albeit relaxing on top of my wardrobe with other childhood critters.

Published by Macmillan Children’s books £5.99 9780230712560 PB

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