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With yesterday’s feature focused on royal wedding books for the very young, today is all about books for the 5-8 category!

Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy

The Rainbow Magic series is so popular with young girls and what’s great is there’s a book for everyone, whether you want a Christmas themed book, a fairy who likes football or just the girliest fairy around, author Daisy Meadows can provide!

In Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy, it is Kate’s job to ensure all the weddings go without a hitch and that the bride and groom are as happy as they can be on their special day. But of course, Jack Frost threatens to ruin the royal wedding when he steals the crown and it is up to Kate to get it back so that the wedding can continue.

Full of fun and frivolity, this is a perfect book for girls who can imagine themselves as beautiful bridesmaids on the big day. Harmless fun!

Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy is published by Orchard Books 9781408315248 £3.99

Royal Wedding Doodles

A doodle book about weddings…need I say more? How fantastic and fun! The dolly dressing and sticker books featured in my post yesterday are perfect for a younger audience so it seems right that older kids don’t miss out on the fun too. (By the way, it’s perfectly acceptable for adults to buy this book). I have many doodle books to my name!

You can decorate Kate’s wedding dress, design the cakes and flowers and arrange the venue. Perfect for budding wedding and party planners.

Royal Wedding Doodles is published by Buster Books 9781907151835 £5.00

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