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I got sent this from Walker books and just had to share it with you because it’s just so fun! I admit, this book digresses from my normal taste in picture books but that’s not to say it’s worth any less of your attention.

Written by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Vanessa Cabban, ‘The Pig’s Knickers’ harks back to the older traditions of picture books. In hardback form, and based on a farm the illustrations are fun and give us a sense of the true countryside. There’s the big trees, many many fields, lots of animals…oh and a giant pair of knickers!

Pig (who is male I might add) feels rather drab as a plain old pig until one blustery day, a pair of giant polka dot knickers blow from the washing line, right into Pig’s trough. Bored as he is, Pig just has to try them on and finds himself rather fetching in them. It gives him confidence to show off to this friends…that is until a pesky goat ruins his fun. But in the end Pig’s friends teach him that it is he who is fun and fetching, and the polka-dot knickers were just a lovely accessory.

What a delightfully silly, ridiculous story that will keep you giggling incrediously for a few hours. And my belief is, if the Aliens who love underpants can get away with something so silly, then so can Pig!

‘The Pig’s Knickers’ is published by Walker UK, HB £11.99, 9781406316247

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