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I have been anticipating this book for months and months following the publication of Keris Stainton’s first teen book ‘Della says OMG!’ And the waiting paid off because what Jessie Hearts NYC is, is a finely written, understanding and substantial teen book. That’s not to say this book is long, far from it. What I mean is, it’s a book full of great warmth and humour but one which also deals with real problems and angst which many teens go through. I’m starting to see Keris as the new generation Jacqueline Wilson (I really hope you like Jackie W, Keris!)

I’m currently promoting this book as the hero title of our ‘Summer fiction we’re excited about: Romance’ at work and I really hope Keris is enjoying her moment in the spotlight because it is so deserved. In fact, I’ve already sold out of her book and have had to order more in!

So what’s it all about? Jessie decides to go to New York for the summer to visit her Mum, whom she feels estranged from due to her Mum putting her career first. Taking her best friend Emma with her for summer fun in the city, Jessie knows this summer is going to be a good one.

In a second narrative, we follow the lovely Finn who lives in New York and is hung up on his best friend and similarly to Jessie; dealing with family issues. Cleverly, the author initially connects the two protagonists lives just through the narrative as opposed to having them meet each other from the very start and it works very well, giving the story a real ‘anything can happen’ feeling.

Keris Stainton is really in touch with her audience which is why I liken her to Jacqueline Wilson. She knows what teenagers like; their loves, hates and worries and this book works. It’s a wonderful balance of summer frivolity and romance with family and relationships.

Now, Keris I think you should reward your hard work with a trip to New York …for a sequel?

Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton,




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