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Pete the Cat- I love my White Shoes has been a runaway success in American and reached #8 in the New York times picture books bestseller list. Now, along with the second book ‘Rocking in my School Shoes’, the books are being published in UK and Pete the Cat is keen to charm the British as much as he has the Americans.

The first story in this fantastic series written by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean follows Pete, a black cat with big white shoes. Along the way he steps in lots of different things including strawberries (he obviously doesn’t look where he’s going) and his shoes turn from white to red to brown to…wet! This doesn’t worry Pete because he is one of the coolest laid-back cats ever and just keeps on singing his song…because it’s all good.

The second book titled Rocking in my School Shoes is all about Pete at school as he discovers all the different places a school has – the library, the playground and even the lunchroom. A fantastic, educational book which will certainly appeal to parents of children going off to school for the first time in September.

Written like a song, the books are very lyrical and flow really well. Both books feature free songs which can be accessed online. The author has gone viral on YouTube and incidentally it is a YouTube video of two children reading and singing along to the book which got the books published in the first place.

The illustrations, by James Dean are vibrant and very appealing to young children. Rather than follow the trend of digital illustrations, James Dean has followed the traditional route of hand drawing and painting with a very authentic and family appealing result.

Whilst the style is undeniable American, that is part of this series’ charm and before long you will be humming along to Pete’s song because…it’s all good.

Pete the Cat- I love my White Shoes

By Eric Litwin



HarperCollins US



Pete the Cat- Rocking in my School Shoes


(September 2011)


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