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“A present full of presents.”

I couldn’t do a Christmas book advent and not include this national treasure. Of course, year after year it is given a too short print run and for our stores at least, it’s out of stock (for now) so if you don’t have a copy of this, snap it up as soon as you see it. It’s very hard to come by and I have my copy under lock and key.

The Jolly Christmas Postman is an homage to our lovely postmen of this country, walking street to street delivering packages and exciting letters (with not a bill in sight). Some of us may feel these days are long gone but my postman goes above the call of duty in delivering my endless book packages.In the summer, If i’m not in, he climbs over our six foot side gate (goodness knows how) and posts the package through a notched window round the side. I once came home to my cat in the utility room sink, sat on top of a package. Oh mr Postman, you have earnt a mince pie or two from me this year.

So, this book with its fantastic interative elements is a pure joy to sit down and look at. It’s so original in the concept of nursery rhymes and each letter is so carefully thought out. I just love it, it’s festive fun and the Postman certainly has an adventure in trying to get the post to everyone in the snow. Janet and Allen Ahlberg gave to the 90’s children what Julia and Axel are giving to the 00’s children. And how do we know they’re worthy children’s writers? We still want to read their books and go back to them today.

This is pure, festive fun and I see everyone’s faces light up again and again  as they turn every page.


Janet and Allen Ahlberg



£10.99 HB

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“It’s not magic…it’s the power of YOUR imagination.”

As advertised last week, the Press Here blog tour has begun and will be flying through dedicated children’s book blogs this week.

I’m kicking things off with a review of this wonderful book and the book trailer.

In this trailer, we get to see the book in action used by a group of young children. Watch them clap,shake and poke and see amazing things happen in this interactive picture book.

So. What’s so great about this picture book, created and written by the ever-talented Herve Tullet? Well first of all it convinced grown adults that they absolutely HAD to press the yellow button on every page. Second of all, it makes kids smile and laugh and gasp in amazement.

The book starts with a single, bright yellow circle in the middle of an otherwise blank page. On each page there are instructions on what to do next. You don’t know what will happen until you turn the page. But if you don’t do as the book tells you, weird things will happen.

This book is great because it brings readers together. They can each be involved in different tasks. From rubbing the circle to shaking the book; this is a really useful book to use in schools or during storytime.

The anticipation of what will be on the next page grows and grows and there’s a great surprise at the end of the book. I really can’t recommend this book enough for something different and interactive. If you don’t want another touchy-feely or lift-the-flap book then this is for you.

Don’t forget to follow the Press Here blog tour, all this week.



by Herve Tullet


HB £9.99

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On Monday, I am kicking off the brand new blog tour for the fantastic picture book ‘Press here’. It’s an addictive book which sparks the imagination. Follow the yellow dot through the pages, follow the instructions and see magical things.

The blog tour starts here on Monday and is making it’s way through some fantastic blogs. Here’s the list below.

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