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My friend Jonathan Kelly Chapman is an artist/photographer who has created some wonderful pieces which immediately instill the feeling upon me of “I need that up on my wall” and he has recently added to his collection two wonderful Alice in Wonderland pictures (before the film hype I might add). They are available to buy from his website, please note as of today (typical) his website is under new construction so not all the prints are up there available yet so for now, see for yourself through the art of ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ just what I’m talking about.

You might recognise the original style of illustrations by Tenniel. The first image has been inverted.

I can’t even decide which one I like the most. I think they belong together. And that is my informed opinion.


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If the children end up loving this book and are seemingly fascinated by chameleon’s then may I recommend this book ‘The Mixed-up Chameleon’ by Eric Carle (9780140506426) as recommended by the consistently reputable  Literate Housewife http://thenurseryatliteratehousewife.wordpress.com/2008/08/02/the-mixed-up-chameleon/

Whilst Eric Carle is very well known, his other picture books have the habit of getting lost amidst the well-earnt craze with ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Either way, I do recommend a look through The Literate Housewife’s blog, there is a lot to learn.

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Brace yourselves, there is a mass update on its way, simply because I have just come across some great picture books and I feel  they’re all worthy of me singing their praises!

It seems I write lyrical about picture books and picture books only but I truly believe they are the most wonderful and important book types that we go through in our lives and if you have children, they will resonant with you throughout adulthood also.

There are so many aspects to a picture book that are of great importance to its success. The writing, the educational aspect, the illustrations, the characters.

I feel this book might have it all. It’s called ‘Blue Chameleon’ by Emily Gravett. You might recognise the name as I have featured ‘The Rabbit Problem’ on a previous post.  https://5minutespeace.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/hip-hop-rabbits-2/ 

Blue Chameleon

Emily Gravett is a prize winning author and she continues this trend of success in this new hardback picture book, published by Macmillan Children’s Books on 05/02/10.

Blue Chameleon does exactly what he says on the tin. He can turn himself into anything but of each the strange other characters he wants to meet, none of them want to be his friend. The reader will create a strong attachment to the chameleon and really sympathise through the clever writing in between each beautiful illustration.

Emily Gravett has a growing number of picture books to her name now. Whilst it may not have the same charisma of The Rabbit Problem, this is sure to be a success with children and parents alike simply for her ability to connect her illustrations with the reader.

ISBN: 9780230704244

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This little hardback book will make a beautiful Christmas gift. I recommend giving it before Christmas comes about so that children may learn the story of the first Christmas.

So at number seven of the christmas countdown is ‘The Lion, the Unicorn and Me’ by Jeanette Winterson, illustrations by Rosalind MacCurrach.

The Lion, The Unicorn and Me

I’m so excited by all the children’s books available this Christmas and this book is proof why we should be excited. It lays to reason why Children should learn about the meaning of Christmas and its origins and it’s fantastic that this book has been written and illustrated in such a way that will appeal to children far too often drawn in by ‘Mr. Men Christmas’ and ‘Letter’s to Santa’- of course that’s not to say those are bad books, certainly not but more so than ever we must remember the humbling things in life.

So what does the story tell us? It is a beautiful, passionate retelling of the first Christmas and features an understated little donkey and the story follows him as he learns about the Nativity and it’s magical wisdom.

The illustrations by Rosalind MacCurrach deserve seperate applaud, they are beautiful and maintain the traditions of the Christmas story.

A beautiful book.

ISBN: 9781407109060

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