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Another annual favourite, Emma Chichester-Clark has become something of a cult name in picture books along with Emily Gravett and Oliver Jeffers.

Lily and Blue Kangaroo are getting ready for Christmas. They’re wrapping presents, making delicious things to eat and the whole family is coming round for the big day. And of course, Blue Kangaroo is the centre of attention but he’s worried he wont have a gift for Lily on Christmas Day. She’s always so kind to him and he just wants to show her how much he loves her. Who could possibly help him as he lies in bed worried on Christmas Eve? A lovely little tale from a household favourite. The charming friendship of a girl and her little blue kangaroo is timeless and a festive story always goes down well.

Emma Chichester-Clark’s illustrations are just beautiful and she has just drawn the illustrations for a beautiful picture book edition of Hansel and Gretel, edited by Michael Morpurgo. Full of colour, depth and glitter; just the way it should be, this is a book to treasure.

Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo is published by HarperCollins, £5.99 or £7.99 for the book and CD edition


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No one is more the advocate for making sure fairytales exist in children’s lives than me so I continue the trend of featuring fairytale books on my blog. As promised earlier in the week Anthony Browne has reared his talented head again in the tale of Hansel and Gretel. I love the continuity Browne’s illustrations in all of his books and the simplicity of his drawings makes way  for the beautiful prose. Whilst the dark tale remains the same, the illustrations have been given the thrill of modernity to allow children to observe the story through the pictures.

The tale of Hansel and Gretel stayed with us throughout our childhoods so it’s nice that we can share this classic tale with a new generation but through their adapted understanding and comprehension of a modern world.

ISBN: 9781406318524 Suitable for age 3 and above.

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