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In the second part of this royal wedding inspired post I’m featuring a brand new book from a somewhat well known author. Any girl who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s must have heard of Sweet Valley High. Whether you read the endless books or loved the TV series; Francine Pascal’s creation was a staple to most girls’ childhoods.

Sweet Valley Confidential, published this month catches up with Elizabeth and Jessica ten years after they graduated from Sweet Valley High but things aren’t going too well.

Jessica has commited the ultimate betrayal on her twin sister Elizabeth and had an affair with Elizabeth’s childhood sweetheart, Todd. Elizabeth, heart broken and angry has fled to New York to pursue her lifelong dream of being a reporter. She’s got a great job, but doesn’t see her family and friends. Meanwhile Jessica can’t move on with her life until she earns Elizabeth’s forgiveness.

The twins we see in this new book aren’t the ones we saw ten years a go. A lot has happened and we learn what got the twins to this isolated point throughout the book.

I’ll be honest, this book is very different to the ones I read when I was younger. First of all, it’s a completely different reading experience because I’m all grown up and so are Elizabeth and Jessica. It can’t be read with naivety and innocence anymore, but that’s part of the charm in seeing how life has changed the twins. If you grew up with Pascal’s book, I really do recommend you read this, if only for old times sake.

And if you can’t quite remember the theme tune from the TV series…

Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal is published by Arrow 9780099557739 £6.99

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