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First of all. Happy publication day to Alyson Noel. ‘Everlasting’, the final book in the Immortals series is out today! I am very excited about meeting Alyson next week at the Macmillan Blogger’s Brunch and will be telling you all about it.

Today is day two of the blog tour and I kick off the festivities with Alyson sharing her thoughts about publication day and how she feels about the Immortals series finally coming to an end:

Having written 7 stand alone novels before I began THE IMMORTALS series, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how I’d feel once it was over. I imagined a moment of complete jubilation, where I’d leap from my desk chair and engage in my own version of the Snoopy Dance—infused by the thrill of having completed a very long journey—when in truth, it was nothing like that. The moment was bittersweet.

I’ve watched Ever grow from an insecure, grief-stricken young girl who always second guesses herself, into a mature young woman who’s more than capable of facing her biggest challenge yet—who’s willing to do what she knows in her heart and her soul to be right, even though she risks losing everything she cares about.

It’s been an incredible journey for both of us—and I hope that you’ll enjoy EVERLASTING as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The following letter is an extract from the book in which Alyson writes to her readers and gives us a five minute brief on the fantastic Immortals series:

Dear Friends,

Now that my work on The Immortals series is done, I’m often asked which of the six proved the most challenging to write, and the answer is: all of them—though each in their own unique way.

When I started writing Evermore, I was so focused on telling that particular story that I didn’t see it as the start of a series. I was just doing what I always did—attempting to make sense of my own life experiences under the guise of fiction. Ever’s grief over losing her family was directly channeled from my own grief over losing my loved ones, and as I began to find my way out of the darkness, Ever did too. It wasn’t until I’d reached the end of the story that I realized it was really just the beginning, she had a much bigger journey ahead of her, there was so much more still to tell.


In book two, Blue Moon, Ever faces a heart-wrenching decision between the past and the present, and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure which path she’d choose until I stood on the precipice right alongside her. It was also around that point that I realized the true scope of her journey—the sacrifices she’d be required to make—and exactly how the series would end.

Shadowland, the third book, provides a major turning point for the series. Not only are the stakes raised to a whole new level, but events that seem simple on the surface—the arrival of Jude, the flip-side of immortality, the Shadowland itself—ultimately bear powerful repercussions that’ll reverberate in later books.

With Dark Flame I made a conscious effort to take Ever’s journey in a much . . . well, darker direction. It’s her struggle with the dark side of herself that allows her to locate the light in the person she once considered her enemy. It’s a powerful moment for Ever—one that redefines everything she once thought she knew about herself.

A lot happens in the penultimate book in the series, Night Star—relationships change, serious decisions are made, and everything is put into motion for the grand finale to come. While getting all those pieces lined up sometimes felt like a very tricky game of chess, at its heart, Night Star is a story of friendships—or, more accurately, the fragile nature of friendships. How they can shift and change into something wholly unrecognizable—and how their dissolution can be just as devastating as any romantic break-up.

As for Everlasting . . . well in an effort to avoid spoilers, there’s not a lot I can say except that it was a very bittersweet moment when I typed “The End.” I’d lived with these characters for the last few years, and probably spent more time talking to them than I did my own husband. They became almost real to me—like imaginary playmates—and I have to admit that saying good-bye was no easy task. Even now, as I continue my work on the spin-off Riley Bloom series, as well as my upcoming YA series, Soul Seekers, I occasionally find myself thinking about Ever and Damen, and Miles and Haven, and Ava and the twins, and Roman and yes, even Drina—wondering where they are, what they’re doing, and if they’re happy with the ending I gave them. Mostly, I hope that they’re happy.


 The Immortals_ Everlasting

By Alyson Noel



7th July 2011

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Today, the Alyson Noel blog tour kicks off!


Check back here tomorrow for an exclusive letter extract from the final book in the Immortals series: Everlasting. Alyson Noel also shares with me her thoughts on the final book and I post my review of the book.



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