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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Oliver Jeffers. He is my favourite illustrator and his books are always a joy to read so meeting Oliver was a dream come true. I met him before one of his events at the Hay Festival where I was working and I made it my sole objective to make sure I was working on his event.

Oliver was just as charming and charismatic as you expect him to be. You know the pictures of a young Oliver in all his picture books? He’s just like that…only bigger now.

During the event, Oliver spoke to a full crowd about his work, what inspires him and just how he creates his picture books and other projects. He was honest and funny, and one swear word later had a very happy audience of children, adults and aspiring illustrators. And we got a sneak peek of his new book ‘Stuck’ which will be published September 2011.

Unlike previous work which has been a hybrid of mixed materials and digital work, ‘Stuck’ is entirely digital. Oliver said on his next book, he will probably return to a more natural, raw approach.

‘Stuck’ is all about a young boy Floyd who gets his kite stuck in a tree and embarks on a hilarious adventure to get it down. When throwing his shoe into the tree results in that getting stuck too, he has to think outside the box…will a kitchen sink get the kite and shoes down?

According to the press release, the book has a wonderful surprise ending.

A new Oliver Jeffers book is always a treat and I can’t wait to meet his new character Floyd, in a brand new, all digitally illustrated book.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

HarperCollins Children’s Books




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