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This year, the 70th anniversary of Enid Blyton’s wonderful Famous Five books is being celebrated with special illustrated editions of some of the favourite stories. Each book has been illustrated by favourite illustrators of our time, ready to be re-interpreted for a new generation. The thing about the Famous Five books is that they transcend time and I believe they will be in print for a very long time. Hodder still sells over 1/2 a million Blyton books every year and that makes me happy. Every child should have a Blyton book on their bookshelf.

It’s nice to be able to continue to celebrate one of our most cherished authors in these lovely editions and to explore different interpretations.

Helen Oxenbury has illustrated Five go Adventuring Again

Quentin Blake has illustrated Five on Treasure Island

Oliver Jeffers has illustrated Five go to Smuggler’s Top

Chris Riddell has illustrated Five go off in a Caravan

Emma Chichester Clark has illustrated Five Run Away Together

The Famous Five 70th Anniversary editions are priced £5.99, published 3rd May 2012 by Hodder

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So this Halloween we’ve dealt with Angels, what’s next? Aliens! Chris Riddell’s new book Alienography is something to be marvelled at. It’s a fantastic, fun book that will leave you thinking some aliens are cute and some are best well left alone. Aptly titled ‘Alienography or How to Spot an Alien Invasion and What To Do About It’ this book is different on every page. If ever you come across an alien, all you have to do is flick through this book and you can decide whether the Zyglon Tentacle Beast is friend or foe.

I just love this book. It has everything in it that should feature in an alien book. Important facts, helpful advice and informative  information.

Like, did you know if another face grows out of your nostril then it’s probably not just a common cold rather, an Uncommon Cold; “a space virus which spreads like flu before being sneezed out of its unfortunate host and taking his place.” Oh dear!

Some aliens might be quite familiar as there’s a clever play on well known films, books and sayings such as The Day of the Truffles. You’ll never want a chocolate truffle again! There’s also a handy tear out and keep mugshot collection of the usual suspects.

This book kept me amused for hours, there’s literally a different species on each page. Fans of Chris Riddell’s books will love this harrdback gift book, I certainly did and I’m not usually partial to aliens.

A word of warning though, don’t take advice from Heeves the Robot. He is on the charm offensive with his friendly smile and geeky bow tie but believe me his cocktail inventions are truly disgusting and the stuff of nightmares. Cowpat Milkshake anyone?

Happy Halloween from all the aliens. And for any parents who like Alan Titchmarsh…look through the book carefully, mwahahaha. 



Alienography is published by Macmillan, HB £14.99


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