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Now, it might just be me but I have a bit of a soft spot for owls, harking back to my childhood of reading The Owl who Was Afraid of the Dark. ‘A Bit Lost’ is a charming picture book and one I chose to review because it deviates from the norm. That is to say the block colour illustrations and colours caught my attention for all the right reasons.

The book focuses on Little Owl who is still very new to things and knows he must be careful when he’s sleeping until one day he falls out of his nest and lands a long way down on to the hard ground with a BUMP. Before long Little Owl is very lost and with the help of his friend the squirrel he tries to find his mum who he starts meeting ever so much. On the way he meets lots of characters who have very similiar characterists to his mum but it’s just not her. But with the help of his new friends he soon finds his way back and the ending is just heart-warming.

Chris Haughton’s picture book is another picture book I’m excited about. The story sends the right meaning out to the reader. It’s a story focused on family and love and his illustrations are so striking. The block colour works really well, especially in depicting the vast spaces when Little Owl is lost and away from mum! A joy to read time and time again.

A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton

Walker Books, £6.99


May 2011

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