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Oh yes, I adore Brambly Hedge and having all the stories together in one big hardback anthology is such a treat. Every customer who has seen the book in store have admitted that they are buying the book more for themselves than their children…and good for them I say.

This anthology features lots of stories from the little mice and even has a lovely Christmas story in it. I think Brambly Hedge takes us back to those days of innocence and their wistful nature makes me long to live in a warm and cosy little burrow, decorating my little house with holly and eating lots of food I’ve collected for the winter.

The characters are adorable and Jill Barklem’s illustrations capture the warmth of each and every one of them with delight and love.

You just have to get this book is you ever read Brambly Hedge as a child. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or sharing the joy with a loved little one; this book must be on your shelf!


Jill Barklem

HarperCollins Children’s Books


£14.99 HB

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