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As with any new school year, there comes the inevitable worry, tears and tantrums for some over the return to school or indeed, starting school for the very first time. I remember when I was very young, my first time at school was fine but for the few years after, I got very worried about going back and felt butterflies in my stomach. What I was worried about I don’t know, but I never could get to sleep the night before the new term started.

For those who have just started school and are feeling a little apprehensive, the wonderful Emma Chichester Clark has the answer thanks to blue kangaroo. It’s lovely Lily’s first day at a new school and she thinks Blue Kangaroo is nervous about going but actually he’s really quite excited about all the new things he would be trying.

When Lily arrives at school with all her new pens, pencils and a new lunchbox, she thinks Blue Kangaroo has a tummy ache and need to go home, but her kind teacher Mrs Zazou shows Lily where to hang her coat and she starts her day. Soon Lily is having fun learning, drawing and playing with friends. She has so much fun that when she leaves at the end of the day, she leaves Blue Kangaroo on  the windowsill…but he has fun of his own and gets to do everything Lily did during the day as he watched on from the windowsill.

When Lily returns the next day, she’s settled and absolutely loves school…and so does Blue Kangaroo.

This is a charming tale which subtly introduces the problem and solution of being worried about starting school. Of course it was never Blue Kangaroo who was nervous, it was Lily who transferred her worries on to her friend. The Blue Kangaroo series is charming and Lily is, as ever, adorable and really a lovely character you can relate to.

Emma Chichester Clark’s illustrations are beautiful; vivid yet comforting at the same time. She provides security in the book with involvement from everyone in Lily’s family and I really can’t recommend this enough for anyone who ever loved Blue Kangaroo and for those starting school.

Come to School, Blue Kangaroo by mma Chichester Clark

HarperCollins Children’s Books

September 2012, HB £10.99


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