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When I found out there was a second Oliver Jeffers book being published this year, I did a little jump for joy. As if The Huey’s wasn’t enough, we now get to follow the adventures of Wilfred and Marcel the Moose.

One day Wilfred comes across a Moose and declares that the moose is his, and he is to be called Marcel. Wilfred has fun adventures planned for him and Marcel but sometimes Marcel has other ideas and doesn’t always follow the rules and goes off on his own. One day he comes across an old lady who shouts: ‘Rodrigo you’re back!’ This angers Wilfred who shouts back: ‘This Moose belongs to me!’ Wilfred heads off in embarassment and in his rush to run away, he trips and falls down the mountain getting trapped…who will save him?

This is such an aesthetically pleasing book. Of course, once again Jeffers is championing all  those who appear to be a bit bald, but it’s the variety in texture, colour and media on each page which makes it so wonderful. There are elements of digital design super-imposed on to Jeffers’ wonderful artwork and the textures from acrylic paintings really make this feel like you are reading the one and only original copy.

This book is a triumph and such fun to read. Really, could it ever be anything else? Like many of the characters in Jeffers’ books, we come to love Wilfred and his naivety. I do hope there will be a follow up adventure…

This Moose Belongs to me by Oliver Jeffers

HarperCollins Children’s Books

HB, £11.99


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