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This week I seem to be succumbing to wedding fever and running a fun feature in which I discover some rather old books, some new ones and a few that never made it back to the library.

Now, as you all know me to be completely in love with children’s books, you know that I have a lot. I save a lot, receive a lot and buy far too many. Even as organised as I am, I also forget about books I have. Which is why, when I stumbled across Flour Babies by Anne Fine the other day I came up with the idea of this ‘wedding themed’ feature.

Something Old: ‘Flour Babies’ by Anne Fine

First published in 1992, this book like many of Fine’s was a runaway success and I read it with a smile on my face (whilst secretly hoping I would never be given the same homework task). Simon Martin and his school friends are given the unwelcome task of each looking after a bag of flour as their own ‘babies’ in the school’s bid to raise awareness of teen pregnancies and the responsibilities it comes with. Simon himself is a bit of a handful so imagine the delight in reading about his (often messy) adventures with a bag of flour.

Anne Fine, once the Children’s Laureate knows who she is writing for and what their needs are. She writes with understanding and compassion whilst recognising the need for fun and adventure in a children’s book.

This is a wonderful book bringing back many memories for me. Not least because it’s like I grew up with the character of┬áSimon. We see him mature and learn┬áso much throughout the book, whilst still retaining his trademark charm. I read this many times when I was younger and it’s nice that, at 22 I can still come back to this book and read it with ease.

Tomorrow I review Something New – Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back, but things as good as when we left them at Sweet Valley High…

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