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When I first received this book to review for my magazine job, I set about reading it like I would any other; without having read any previous reviews or really knowing anything about it. When I finished reading, only a few days later I was deeply moved and that feeling stayed with me for a long time after. Since then, I’ve recommended the book to my fellow booksellers and to every customer I can stop.

Written by debut author Annabel Pitcher, ‘My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece’ is nothing short of a triumph. It is rare to come across a book by a new author that is so well established and confident in the story that is being told. But it’s a story of human loss and love…of raw emotion – something we all deal with but can rarely share with one another. We follow the story of Jamie who has been through a lot of tragedy in his life – far too much that a boy should ever have to go through. Hiis sister lives on the mantelpiece…in an urn. Ever since Rose was killed in a London terrorist attack things have been terribly hard for James; his Mum has left and Dad drinks. The only hope he has left is from sister Jas and intriguing new school friend, Sunya. This really is a heartbreaking story, not only for James and the devastation left in the wake of her death but also for the reader. But it’s also a read full of hope and moving on and is sure to resonate for a long time.

Be sure to watch the beautiful and haunting trailer for ‘My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece’ by Annabel Pitcher. Published by Orion Children’s Books on 1st March 2011 HB £9.99 9781444001839

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