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Today the Angel Fire blog tour is stopping here and it’s about time we find out more about the elusive (and gorgeous Seb) and just why Willow is so drawn to him…

But first, a little more about the Angel Trilogy and why it’s just so amazing. I was first made aware of ‘Angel’ by L.A. Weatherly last year when I did some work with Usborne. Ever since reading it on my commute to and from London I’ve been hooked and it’s been a long year waiting for this sequel ‘Angel Fire’. It’s 700+ pages of pure YA drama and I’m torn between finishing it as quickly as possible or saviouring the feeling of reading something for the first. time.

The blog tour began over at My Favourite Books http://myfavouritebooks.blogspot.com/2011/10/angel-fire-blog-tour-in-depth-interview.html Liz spoke to Lee Weatherly all about the new book and the writing of it. What a fantastic start to the blog tour, and now it’s about time we have a little chat about Seb!

ANGEL book cover


Sometimes in writing you get a lightning-flash that you know instantly is right – Seb was one of them. Playing around with ideas for book two, Angel Fire, I suddenly wondered what would happen if Willow met another half-angel. More than that, what if she met a boy half-angel? The thought sent shivers through me – because, of course, this boy half-angel would be able to understandWillow in a way Alex couldn’t. The potential tension and drama this posed were irresistible. (Writers LOVE tension, so long as it’s fictional!)


At first, I had it in my head that Seb was a charming rogue – a user. An early scene I wrote had him breaking out of a young offenders’ facility, but refusing to help a younger boy; another had him using his flirtatious charm to scrounge food in a marketplace. I quickly realized that I didn’t like this Seb very much – and more importantly, I couldn’t imagine Willow liking him, either.


Back to the drawing board. This time, I let Seb himself take the lead, and a wholly different character emerged: quietly determined; a teasing sense of humour; a complex mix of sociability and introvert. Despite Seb’s difficult past, all that mattered to him was finding his phantom half-angel girl. When he finally meetsWillow, it’s like he’s discovered the other half of his soul.


Ah. Now this was a Seb I could imagineWillow being very drawn to.


Probably the most difficult part about bringing Seb into the mix was that I myself became a little too enamoured with him! At times I had to work at getting the balance right, because of course Alex is still very much the story’s hero. What’s lovely about having Seb in the series is that it means the tension will continue … because I rather imagine that we haven’t seen the last of the love triangle yet.


What can I say?Willowis a very lucky girl!


– L. A. Weatherly

It’s so interesting to find out about characters; how they were created and what drives them. It seems in this case, Seb was true to his character and took control of the situation. He’s created a whole new dynamic to the book opening it all up to so much possibility. Whether people will be accepting of Seb stepping on Alex’s toes is another thing altogether. So, are you Team Seb or Team Alex?

Next up on the Angel Fire Blog Tour is http://withoutabookshelf.blogspot.com/ on Thursday ‘From Mexico, with Love’.

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ANGEL book cover

The angels are back…and they want revenge. But in the second installment of the fantastic Angel trilogy by L.A. Weatherly, Willow and Alex have got help.

To celebrate the publication of Angel Fire on 1st October, I am taking part in the Angel Fire Blog Tour. Starting tomorrow the blog will cover evwerything from Q&A with the lovely Lee to finding out about the mysterious Seb (trust me, you really want to know more about him).

The blog tour stops at mine on Tuesda. You will have to wait for the review…the book is over 700 pages long. But for now here is the blog schedule. Enjoy and do let me know what you think.

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“The only good Angel, is a dead Angel”

ANGEL book cover

Last year I couldn’t stop talking about the fantastic new YA title published by Usborne called ‘Angel’. Written by the lovely L.A. Weatherly, ‘Angel’ was the first in a trilogy all about the love affair of Willow, a half Angel and Alex, an Angel killer. And so began my obsession.

The first book did so well and I got as many people hooked on it as possible and now after months of waiting and anticipation, publication day is almost here of the second in the trilogy. Called ‘Angel Fire’ we pick up where we left off at the end of ‘Angel’ and Alex and Willow must begin to train new AngelKillers for their battle against the Angels. You see, unlike Willow, Angel’s aren’t actually that nice. In fact, they’re killing human’s and draining them for energy.

Sound intrigued? Then get yourself down to a bookstore and buy a copy of ‘Angel’ today, and whilst your at it, pre-order ‘Angel Fire’, published 1st October, just in time for Halloween.

Look out for ‘L.A. Weatherly’s blog tour coming soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read a preview chapter which arrived this morning!

Angel Fire

L.A. Weatherly

Usborne Books




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The Angel blog tour is happening throughout September and October to promote the release of Angel the first of three books by L.A Weatherly.

When asked what I wanted to participate in for this blog tour, I was keen to find out about Lee’s literary inspirations and so set her the challenge of telling us her five favourite books. The answers I got surprised and charmed me, not least because she is a fellow Tove Jansson fan…

“It’s really hard to choose, as there are so many books I love, so I’ve just gone with the top 5 titles that I find myself returning to again and again. They’re pretty diverse!”

1. Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell. Very dated in some of its attitudes, but nothing beats it for sheer storytelling.


2. The Rama series, Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee. And I’m not even a science fiction fan. But just read them, they’re amazing.


3. The Edge of the Cloud, K. M. Peyton. I love all the Flambards books, but particularly this one, which focuses on the romance between Christina and Will. I fell completely in love with Will as a teenager.


4. Moominpappa at Sea, Tove Jansson. My favourite of the Moomin books (which I’m a huge fan of!). Dark and brooding.


5. The Silver Chair, C. S. Lewis. I reread the Narnia books every few years or so. This one is a particular favourite; I love the journey with Puddleglum, and the captive prince in the world without sunlight.

What a diverse list of books indeed, thanks Lee! I thought it would be interesting to compare these five books against Angel as I can certainly see where a few inspirations come from.

Angel is a fast-paced thriller certainly but is a hybrid of romance and sci-fi…it’s got everything you could possibly want from a book. Gone With the Wind is a beautiful story, beautifully told. Like Scarlett O’Hara, Willow Shields in Angel is a lonely, captivating figure…one of intrigue to other men.

I’ve not read any sci-fi if I’m entirely honest. It lurks away in the recesses of bookshop walls but certainly with an story such as Angel, it’s important to explore all elements of the sci-fi genre.

Lee talks of her teen crush Will from Edge of the Cloud. Similarly I find myself drawn to Alex in Angel. His heroic nature is admirable yet he’s also very disarming in his growing concern for Willow which to me makes him so much more attractive.

Any fan of The Moomin’s is top notch in my books. We all need a little fun and escapism in life and it becomes quite clear that Jansson provides this…for a lot of unsuspecting people.

And finally, a Narnia tale, The Silver Chair. I love the tales by C.S. Lewis and whilst I don’t remember this tale so well from my childhood I do remember that feeling of possibility. When Aslan comes back to life, anything is possible and we see this in Angel as the angels take path in a book that is sure to open up the market for books about Angel.

It’s been a lot of fun participating in this blog tour, and I hope Lee has had fun being grilled by everyone. Please check back here tomorrow morning for my review of Angel.




Pre-order Angel at http://www.usborne.com/angel/pre-order.aspx

ISBN: 9781409521969, PB

Published 1st October 2010

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I’m sure you have all seen me singing the praises of ‘Angel’ by L.A. Weatherly on twitter, a new book published October 2010 by Usborne. Part of a stunning trilogy this book is not about vampires, nor werewolves…now it’s all about Angels!

‘The only good angel is a dead angel’

‘Willow knows she’s different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into people’s futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. She has no idea where she gets this power from…

But Alex does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows Willow’s secret and is on a mission to stop her. The dark forces within Willow make her dangerous – and irresistible. In spite of himself, Alex finds he is falling in love with his sworn enemy.’

It’s an absolutely amazing book, I can’t wait to spread the word and after my long train journey today in which I will finally finish Angel, I’ll be posting my review. Just in time for my participation in the Angel blog tour. On the poster below, you can see all participating blogs as L.A. Weatherly lets us in to the world of Alex and Willow.

Next Wednesday L.A. Weatherly will be telling me her top five favourite teen reads that inspire her.

For more information on the book and forthcoming titles in the trilogy visit www.angelfever.com and view the gripping trailer here

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