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It’s been something of an Angel themed week and to finish it off before the publication of ‘Angel’ on 1st October, here is my review. I was given a finished copy of ‘Angel’ from Usborne to review on here. As I work in a bookstore, I have also arranged a book signing event with Lee Weatherly on 29th October which I’m very excited about.

I’m always a bit sceptical about teen reads which continue an ongoing trend. To this day I have not read the Twilight books. I think it grates on my friend’s nerves that I haven’t been open to it, and I probably should be. So when given ‘Angel’ I was worried I wouldn’t be open in my opinion of that book…I needn’t have worried, it’s fantastic, it’s original and I will be pestering Usborne for a review copy of the sequel as soon as it comes in.

Willow Fields doesn’t fit in with the usual teen crowd at school. She fixes cars and actually enjoys doing it, much to her friend Nina’s embarassment and she has another unusual talent…she’s psychic. Willow has never really given this much thought until she does a reading for someone that will change her and everyone’s lives forever.

There is an unseen growing threat in the world; angels. These seemingly beautiful, serene creatures are here on earth for selfish reasons and their powers are literally draining the life out of everyone who looks at them. Willow seems to be the only one who can see this danger as everyone else is affected by the mind controlling ‘angel-burn’. That is until she meets angel killer Alex. He is trained to see angels for what they are; evil. So why is he after Willow?

Willow and Alex, forced into relying on each other for the sake of their lives, soon learn that the saying ‘live together or die alone’ is very much in play and they soon find themselves falling in love against their own better judgement and they embark on a dangerous journey to save humankind.

Angel is quite simply thrilling. It has everything you could possibly want or need from a young adult/teen read. The intense drama builds quietly through the first few chapters and soon you are catapulted into a world that was once so safe and is now in danger of being overrun by Angels. The concept that angels could be evil was difficult to overcome at first but this made the actions of all the ‘angel-burned’ humans all the more justified and real. Willow herself is catapulted from bedroom psychic readings to being shot at on a daily basis. Her yearnings for her mother, and for the sanctuary of home make an otherwise unique, disarming character relatable and ironically; more human.

For so much to happen in only the first book, I can’t begin to imagine where the sequel will lead us but I can tell you this; I am well and truly hooked and Angel is a book I will recommend to anyone who will listen, but with the added reminder that “the only good angel is a dead angel”!   

This book is going to be huge, and one that will stick around for a while…angels aren’t that easy to get rid off!

‘Angel’ by L.A. Weatherly is published by Usborne 1st October 2010


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