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If you’ve already seen the film at the cinemas and want to maintain that feeling of whimsy and escapism then read the book of the film paperback release. It is a magical re-do of the original tale in typical Burtonian style. The kids will definitely appreciate this if they enjoyed the film. Just don’t let Johnny Depp’s face (aka the mad hatter) be the last thing they see before they go to sleep.

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This week I am continuing the Alice trend. As we’ve seen from blogs such as http://aliceintheinternet.wordpress.com there is so much to be explored still and as always, i’ll be looking at the editions designed for children.

I’ll be taking a more in depth look at Anthony Browne’s book and exploring the important illustration design within each of his stories.

And, because we all love Mr Men, there’s a great story called Mr Nobody which has attracted a lot of attention recently, everyone seems to have a space in their heart for him, not least Mr Happy.

I’m sure there will be further book reviews and i’m going to start a weekly post called ‘5 Minutes with my Wishlist’ in which I will post twitter lenth reviews of books I am excited about.

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