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Something of a theme is emerging over here at ‘5 Minutes Peace’ – If any of you know me well, then you know I love folk and fairy tales. If you do too, then you must add this to your collection…Alan Garner’s ‘Collected Folk Tales.’

Bound in beautiful purple and gold hardback, this edition features eighteen previously unpublished stories and poems by the master magical storyteller. Only one other author can get away with naming stories like ‘Maggoty’s Wood’ and Gobbleknoll’ and that’s Roald Dahl.

I think every child should have at least one collection of folk and fairy tales. They open up the imagination, the idea that the impossible is not such and create a new world for the reader. There’s also the odd moral thrown in for good measure! Not only that, but there’s a great deal of British mythology alluded to in the stories and that really is a treat and apparently, many of the physical descriptions and locations are actual locations in the UK. Often with fairy tales we forget that a lot of them originated from different countries; China first came up with Cinderella many many centuries ago!  It is quite clear that Garner wrote what he knew about and he knew how to make that appeal to everyone- a talented, rare breed of a writer. This really is a beautiful collection of stories. They range from animal stories to tales of love and loss and the underdog winning the day. I truly cannot imagine anything more satisfying than hunkering down in a massive chair (a bed will also suffice) and losing myself in these wondrous tales. Bliss.

So buy this for yourself, buy this for Christmas or buy this for any child who has ever gone off into the garden in search of their own magical adventure!


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