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Liz Kessler, author of the Philippa Fisher and Emily Windsnap series’ is back with a book of heartache, humour and knowing what to do when life doesn’t always go your way. A Year Without Autumn is a magical read in notion, but in reality is disarming and deals with real, compelling issues.

When Jenni Green is taken in to the future, she can’t comprehend the life in front of her. Her best friend Autumn’s life is in turmoil; her Mum is close to a breakdown and her brother Mikey is in a coma. But given a rare opportunity, Jenni has the power to change everything and help her friend. But it’s not always easy getting back to present day…especially if you have no idea how you ended up in the future in the first place! 

This is a charming book which really made me stop and think about fate. Written with wit and passion, this is sure to be popular this spring. I really can’t recommend this book enough. It’s a welcome break from the frustrating trends we have seen in teen fiction recently and although there is the supernatural time travel element to contend with, we are rewarded with wonderful characters that I couldn’t help but become attached to. And have you seen the cover? Pure joy.

‘A Year Without Autumn’ by Liz Kessler is published by Orion Children’s Book on 7th April, 2011 HB £9.99 9781842555866

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