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I think we can all own up to wanting a Blue Peter badge when we were younger. I know my Dad got one and subsequently lost it. I would treasure mine and that’s exactly what local (to the Hampshire area) author Ali Sparkes will do as she has won a Blue Peter ‘Book of the Year’ award for her book ‘Frozen in Time’ – 9780192727558

I’ve actually met Ali a few times before as she’s done a signing in my Waterstone’s and she’s a thoroughly nice person whose passion clearly lies in her writing. I’ve just checked out her website and it’s great for kids to visit; easy to navigate and interactive. You can even post questions to Ali and she promises to reply to you. This is where a lot of authors fail, in communicating with their readers and keeping that boring level of anonymity between reader and writer so it’s refreshing that Ali responds to readers and visits schools to talk to the children.

The book which one the prize ‘Frozen in Time’ is aimed at readers of a 9-12 age and follows two children (Freddy and Polly) who have been cryogenically frozen for many years and as they are brought out of their freezer state, must come to terms with a very different world to the one they last knew. This book seems quite diverse in the fact that it deals with modern developments such as cryogenesis whilst being juxtaposed with two kids who are exactly the same as they were 50 years ago and yet have to deal with new developments. It really puts into perspective for the kids, the evolving world and the changes we go through in life without even realising it. This works through the introduction of Ben and Rachel who were born in the 21st century. They actually bring about the moment of Freddy and Polly being de-frosted so that really places them in a juxtaposed situation. Four kids of the same age, two VERY different ways of life.

I might see if Ali is willing to do an (email/web) interview with me, if she’s not too busy. Would be great to have my first interview up on the blog.

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