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This weeks Wednesday of Whimsy post features the wonderful Edward Ardizzone’s ‘Tim All Alone’.

What first charmed me about this book is its melancholic nature as poor Tim must travel everywhere and face everyone in order to find his parents who have vanished since his return from holiday.

First published in 1956, Ardizzone won the Kate Greenaway Medal for this book and rightly so. Tim is a champion whom we root for throughout and the evocative illustrations show us just what Tim goes through in order to find his parents.

He meets some people who are helpful and some who just slow down his quest.

I just love this book because in the same fashionof Oliver Jeffers’ ‘Lost and Found’; whilst it’s not quite believable that a young boy can travel all round the world, we still believe it and more importantly, we root for him. The watercolour illustrations are just beautiful and very suited to the time of publication, yet timeless all the same.

Current in print edition ISBN: 9781845075460 Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

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