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Oh yes, I adore Brambly Hedge and having all the stories together in one big hardback anthology is such a treat. Every customer who has seen the book in store have admitted that they are buying the book more for themselves than their children…and good for them I say.

This anthology features lots of stories from the little mice and even has a lovely Christmas story in it. I think Brambly Hedge takes us back to those days of innocence and their wistful nature makes me long to live in a warm and cosy little burrow, decorating my little house with holly and eating lots of food I’ve collected for the winter.

The characters are adorable and Jill Barklem’s illustrations capture the warmth of each and every one of them with delight and love.

You just have to get this book is you ever read Brambly Hedge as a child. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or sharing the joy with a loved little one; this book must be on your shelf!


Jill Barklem

HarperCollins Children’s Books


£14.99 HB

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Have you got magic beans?

‘Magic Beans: A handful of Fairytales’ is one of those must have books for anyone who ever had a collection of fairytales. Told by masterful story tellers such as Michael Morpurgo, Malorie Blackman and Anne Fine; old classics get a new take in this beautiful new collection.

This will appeal to a whole new generation looking for wonder and fulfillment and will take adults right back to that moment of realising escape and possibility comes in the form of a fairytale. Featuring best-loved tales such as Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and The Little Mermaid, this is a charming hardback book brought to life by magical illustrations.


Various authors


David Fickling Books

£9.99 HB

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Oh The Wombles, a cult British Classic. They are the Wombles of Wimbledon and always have themselves a Wombling Christmas and now you can too with this beautiful hardback treasury of Womble tales with beautiful illustrations. At work we even sell Womble stuffed toys.

The Wombles have certainly experienced something of a comeback in the past year with the paperback stories being reissued. This classic treasury will I think be as much of a gift to the children as it is to the adults giving them. The colour illustrations really bring to life the charming nature of the different Womble characters, it really is a delight.

Suitable for…everyone. That’s the beauty of Beresford’s writing.

Who is your favourite Womble?


Elizabeth Beresford


£14.99 HB


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On the second day of advent, this bookseller brought to you not one…but two books.

Adventure Classics for Boys by Daniel Defoe and Robert Louis Stevenson features three classic tales ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Kidnapped’ in a lovely navy blue, gold embossed hard back with fantastic illustrations throughout. This book and the version for girls marks the return to a classic books theme this Christmas with so many old editions celebrating anniversaries and being reissued. It’s lovely that a new generation can enjoy the also enjoyed. You just can’t beat an adventure thriller. Suitable for 8-12’s.

ADVENTURE CLASSICS FOR BOYS, £9.99, Egmont, 9781405254656

Adventure Classics for Girls by Johanna Spyri, Susan Coolidge and Anna Sewell is suitably pink and features the three lovely stories ‘Heid’, ‘What Katy Did’ and ‘Black Beauty’. I love these stories and they remind me of long hot summer’s building a den in the fields by my house. A time of innocence and this book captures it all. Suitable for 8-12’s.

FAMOUS CLASSICS FOR GIRLS, £9.99, Egmont 9781405254663

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A borrowed book? It has to be from the library. Now I don’t currently have any books out from the library, but I do have a book from the 90’s which I never returned because I lost it. Don’t worry, I paid my fine. And then, a few years ago a funny thing happened and I found the book behind a book case.

What is this book I hear you ask? Why, it’s Winnie the Pooh. I must have subconsciously lost the book on purpose as a child because I adore Winnie the Pooh and everything he stands for. I believe some of the greatest philosophical though can be found in a book by A A Milne. If only we could live our lives by the way of Pooh and Piglet.

The illustrations are as much a part of the book as the story itself. The scratchy sketches of Christopher Robin and his friends are carefree and joyous – a testament to the adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Because of course, he was just a silly old pooh bear, but he was our silly old pooh bear and brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces, old and young.

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If you keep up to date with new film releases then you will know that Jim Carrey is starring in a new film ‘Mr Popper’s Penguins’. But did you also know that the film is actually an adaptation from a book, originally published in 1938?

Mr Popper, a gentle fellow is a poor house painter who lives with his family. Like many people he dreams of bigger adventures, not least to visit the Antarctica. One day, he receives a very special  parcel in the post…a penguin (reminds me of Oliver Jeffers’ ‘Lost and Found’). Before long, Mr Popper has a lot of penguins on his hand, and not enough ice or money for their lavish tastes!

So Mr Popper does the only sensible thing – he creates a performing penguin group that travels the country far and wide and performs tricks and stunts. But the penguins can’t sleep in the fridge forever and when Spring starts to emerge, it’s a race against time for the penguins who prefer colder climbs. Will the penguins get back to their home, and will Mr Popper realise his dream of travelling to Antarctica? Well, the penguins will need a tour guide along the way!

The book is wonderfully illustrated, bringing the charming, cheeky penguins to life. The book might not be as well know in the UK as it is in the US, where it was originally published. But if you ever come across an old copy, do give it a try. It’s a wonderful book full of whimsy, magic and dreams. I mean, who doesn’t dream of having a pet penguin or two, or three…

Here is the trailer for the new film…

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‘Polly Plays her Part’ is the second book in the Star Makers Club series written by Anne-Marie Conway. ‘Phoebe finds her Voice’ is Anne-Marie’s first novel and was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction competition.

Aimed at the 8-12 audience, this book and the others in the series appeals to boys and girls…especially those who like to be in the spotlight. Get the hairbrushes ready and mirrors polished; the spotlight is on you!

Each book in this series is self-contained but is based around the Star Makers Club. In this second book, Polly is having a few family troubles to say the least. She’s got a Mum who is more focused on sombrero’s than Polly’s spotlight, a Stepmum who is being a bit TOO nice and a leading part in the brand new Star Makers’ Production.

I think the cover is quite deceiving. Obviously produced to appeal to those who like Daisy Meadows and Cathy Cassidy; Anne-Marie’s books actually deal with some quite important issues around growing up. In this book, Polly must juggle her mum and Dad splitting up, a stepmum joining her family and she learns about internet safety the hard way. In these times when children are using gadgets and have the freedom to use the internet at such a young age, this book is testament to just how careful we should be. Of course, this book certainly isn’t serious throughout and relies on the dazzle of The Star Makers Club to lighten the mood. The result is an hilarious, often touching read about Polly, a young girl just trying to find her footing on the stage and at home.

‘Polly Plays her Part’ by Anne-Marie Conway is published by Usborne, £5.99     9781409520917

The third in the series ‘Sam in the Spotlight’ was published this month, £5.99     9781409521419




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