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There’s a whole host of fabulous new picture books recently published and I really wanted to share a few with you. ‘Unfortunately’ is a refreshingly different pictures book full of twists and turns and exciting adventures through the jungle. Written by Alan Durant and illustrated by Simon Rickerty, this book is such a pleasure to read through and I’ve been recommending it to quite a few customers at work.

‘Unfortunately’ is all about the twists and turns our adventures can take us and when a boy walks through the jungle he realises anything can happen- both good and bad. But fortunately he’s not alone…YOU join him in the jungle thanks to the wonderful illustrations…

Simon Rickerty is a relatively unknown illustrator but I have a feeling his work will be everywhere soon. The illustrations are new and exciting – so much so I can’t think of anyone to compare them to. The pages are full of illustrations to accompany the story and there’s something new on every page with a vibrant array of colours.

Unfortunately by Alan Durant is published by Orchard, £5.99 9781408311257

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