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‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”

Well I did it, my Christmas advent of festive books is over and what fun I’ve had picking my favourites. I hope you’re all in a warm place, with a good book and excited for the festive times ahead, what ever you may be doing, whomever you may be with.

I’m signing off for a blog break over Christmas and until the New Year. I’ll be back at the beginning of January and I’ve got some amazing books to review, from the first publication by new published Nosy Crow, to the new world of werewolves…it will all be here. Merry Christmas and I leave you with one final book and by far, my favourite. Actually, I leave you with two books. The first, ‘The Night Before Christmas’ because well, it’s the night before Christmas and the second, ‘A Christmas Carol’ because this is my favourite book of all time and I think we all need a reminder of the things we have the people we should appreciate and care for.

‘The Night Before Christmas’  by Clement C Moore is published by HarperCollins, £5.99


‘A Christmas Carol’ is published as a beautiful hardback brought back to life through Quentin Blake’s cult illustrations. A faultless story. Enough said.

Published by Pavillion, £14.99


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I  adored the Farmyard tales when I was younger and I have such a fondness for the little duck that pops up everywhere in these iconic illustrations. Did I mention I’m a proud owner of said duck? It’s a real treat that these books are still in print.

It’s Christmas at Apple Tree Farm and the boot family are making preparations for Christmas. The children are especially excited as they can’t wait to see what santa will bring them. The pages are full of interactive things to touch and lift. It’s great, festive fun.

‘Christmas Farmyard Tales’ is published by Usborne £9.99


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Yup the time is nearly here, to eat the mandatory brussel sprout as Christmas dinner. But, did you ever stop to think how the sprout is feeling? Laugh as you might, but this is actually a rather touching and yes, sometimes amusing story of loneliness and rejection and finding friends and love. When the old, smelly sprout is thrown out into the snow one day, he comes across many rude things …until he finds his true path in life.

This is fast becoming a christmas classic and the doodle like illustrations give the sprout far more charm and personality than I think he deserves.

‘The Smelly Sprout’ by Allan Plenderleith is published by Ravette Publishing


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Not one to deter from the original, true meaning of Christmas this is the perfect book to remind me of just that. ‘A Christmas Story’ by Brian Wildsmith is beautifully illustrated as it tells the story of the nativity from the perspective of a charming little girl. This is a reissued book and has been very popular of late, to fans new and old. The new illustrations really capture the imagination and spirit of the nativity story.

‘A Christmas Story’ is published by Oxford University Press


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A fresh take on the sometimes redundant christmas picture book. ‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee’ by Nicholas Allan is actually quite funny as we follow the big man himself through the night and unsurprisingly after he drinks all the things left out for him by the children..he starts to get a little desperate. And when you’re desperate you start to forget things, like presents. Follow Father Christmas in this funny festive rhyming tale and see  if he makes it back ok.

‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee’ is published by Red Fox Picture Books £5.99


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This classic picture book has been reissued by HarperCollins and it’s just as fun as you remember it. All the characters feature in this festive story as mr Frumble of Busytown decides to help Santa out on his busy day. Fun, intereactive illustrations full of exciting things to look at. A family favourite.

‘The Night Before the Night Before Christmas’ is published by Harper Collins, £5.99


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‘The Very Snowy Christmas’ by Diana Hendry is a very fitting book today considering I’m snowed in. The festive season really is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a snowy read?

This book, illustrated by Jane Chapman follows Big Mouse and Little Mouse who are decorating their house for Christmas. As Little Mouse sets out to pick up a few things for the big day, snow falls all around him and things start to look very different and unfamiliar. Sometimes, the best place really is home.

‘The Very Snowy Christmas’ by Diana Hendry is published by Little Tiger Press £5.99


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All About Me: A Christmas Book サンタクロースのストーリが精巧で美しくて本を描きます

‘All About Me’ is an amazing insight into the world of Father Christmas. Packed with fun facts and a sneak peek into the North Pole this is an fab book for any child curious about jolly old Saint Nick. You can dip in and out of it and it’s just the perfect book to read the night before Christmas, with some gorgeous recipes to try for the festive period. 

A book to treasure for years to come…do you believe?

‘All About Me’ is published by Minedition £24.99


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‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ by Michael Morpurgo is another classic from the master of storytelling.

Christmas and war are not two words we usually associate together but for many, it’s real and the story of one soldier in the trenches in 1914 is brought back to life when his old letter is found. A moving read brought together by Michael Foreman’s hanunting illustrations.

‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ by Michael Morpurgo is published by Egmont


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‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ by John Julius Norwich is a lovely gift hardback book funny for children 8 to 80! Illustrated by Quentin Blake, the stories come to life as we follow the lucky recipient of the well known twelve presents during the twelve days of Christmas. Who is the admirer who is sending all these gifts and what is a lady to do with 6 laying geese!

A funny read to dip in and out of over the festive season.

‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ by John Julius Norwich is published by Atlantic Books, £9.99


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