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There’s always leftover flesh from an afternoon spent carving pumpkins so what better way to use it all up than to make pumpkin soup. here, Winnie the Witch shows you how.

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We are well into the spooky swing of things here and this week I’ve got hauntingly good reads, stickers and assembling body parts and let us bow down to the ultimate vampire…Count Dracula!

Coming up this week on 5 Minutes Peace…I’ll ease in with some friendly ghosts:

  • Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: Ghostly Holler-day – Every ghost needs a holiday!
  • Usborne Spooky Sticker Book – Decorate your room with some homemade posters featuring ghosts, ghouls and the odd pumpkin.
  • Usborne Spooky Doodles – Everyone loves a doodle book; myself included. Just how scary can you make your Casper?
  • The Magician’s Elephant – A magical interpretation of a classic fable.
  • Dracula- The ultimate edition.
  • Rumblewick and the Dinner Dragons – Witch’s cats have such a hard time!


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As part of the Halloween celebrations here at 5 Minutes Peace, I’m hosting a giveaway of ‘Winnie the Witch: Winnie in Space’ by Valerie Thomas, illustrated by Korky Paul. This wonderful hardback gift edition is priced at £10.99 and would make a perfect Halloween present.

All you have to do is leave a comment and if you would like, tell us your favourite Halloween read. To enter, leave your comment, name and email address as a comment to this post and a winner will be drawn at random.

This competition closes 22nd October at 9pm. Good luck!

And just so you know how great this book is, my review will be live on Sunday 10th October.

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Never one to disappoint, another great book by Anthony Horowitz provides as a Halloween classic. ‘More Bloody Horowitz’ stands up as a very frightening read. I just know that anyone who buys this will be told at bedtime “lights out” and then will find a torchlight, hide under the duvet and then read this book until their eyes pop out in fear!


The fate of a writer lies in your hands as a real life author is murdered in the book! The book also come with a warning LITTLE GIRL DEVOURED!

The classic cover reminds me of Sweeney Todd meets Charles Dickens. Imagine writing at your desk with only a flickering, dim lamp as company. There is no noise but the scratch of your pen against the paper, until a creak in the floorboards tells you that you are not alone, and you my dear friend are about to meet your end.

Of course this is all fiction but there are some chilling facts featured throughout and I’m sure you’ll want to check up on the victim… once you’ve finished reading of course. Take your time. 

I love Anthony Horowitz…he has brought horror back to life and these illustrations are just great! Recommended for 11+

‘More Bloody Horowitz’ published by Walker Books, £9.99


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Award winning ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper is a seasoned, autumnal picture book perfect for teaching children about the seasons, pumpkins and learning to share.

This Halloween All Angel’s Eve month on 5 Minutes Peace is likely to get a little scarey, ghoulish and downright gross so I wanted to include a few books so that little ones can also join in with the spooky fun.

Three friends Duck, Cat and Squirrel all live together in a lovely cosy little home and make pumpkin soup every night for their dinner.

They each help prepare the soup with their own specific tasks until Duck wants to do something different and it messes everything up. Soon, feathers are flying and duck leaves the house with soup splashed everywhere and their friendship somewhat cold.

It takes all of them to realise the error of their ways and how sometimes you have to compromise; it’s all about giving and sharing. This is a lovely tale and the somewhat traditional, well-known moral is told in an original way. The illustrations are so rich and it’s a lovely book to curl up with on a chilly autumn evening and read to your child. They’ll soon be ready to help with the leftover squelchy pumpkin to make their own pumpkin soup.

Duck, Cat and Squirrel also feature in other tales including ‘Delicious!’ and ‘A Pipkin of Pepper’

‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper is published by Corgi Children’s Books

£5.99 paperback


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So this Halloween we’ve dealt with Angels, what’s next? Aliens! Chris Riddell’s new book Alienography is something to be marvelled at. It’s a fantastic, fun book that will leave you thinking some aliens are cute and some are best well left alone. Aptly titled ‘Alienography or How to Spot an Alien Invasion and What To Do About It’ this book is different on every page. If ever you come across an alien, all you have to do is flick through this book and you can decide whether the Zyglon Tentacle Beast is friend or foe.

I just love this book. It has everything in it that should feature in an alien book. Important facts, helpful advice and informative  information.

Like, did you know if another face grows out of your nostril then it’s probably not just a common cold rather, an Uncommon Cold; “a space virus which spreads like flu before being sneezed out of its unfortunate host and taking his place.” Oh dear!

Some aliens might be quite familiar as there’s a clever play on well known films, books and sayings such as The Day of the Truffles. You’ll never want a chocolate truffle again! There’s also a handy tear out and keep mugshot collection of the usual suspects.

This book kept me amused for hours, there’s literally a different species on each page. Fans of Chris Riddell’s books will love this harrdback gift book, I certainly did and I’m not usually partial to aliens.

A word of warning though, don’t take advice from Heeves the Robot. He is on the charm offensive with his friendly smile and geeky bow tie but believe me his cocktail inventions are truly disgusting and the stuff of nightmares. Cowpat Milkshake anyone?

Happy Halloween from all the aliens. And for any parents who like Alan Titchmarsh…look through the book carefully, mwahahaha. 



Alienography is published by Macmillan, HB £14.99


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This month, in honour of the publication of ‘Angel’ by L.A. Weatherly, I’m dedicating a whole month to all things Halloween. From pumpkins and witches, to aliens and angels you’ll see it all here. I kicked off the month with a review of ‘Angel’ and it’s all go from there.

I love Halloween…the pile of scary pumpkins lit up outside homes, the smell of pumpkin pie and soup wafting through the house and of course the opportunity to dress up like a zombie. It’s all fun and also reminds me…Christmas is on its way.

Coming up this week on 5 Minutes Peace:

  • ‘Alienography’ by Chris Riddell. From the friendly to the downright disgusting. This po-up, lift the flap interactive book is such great fun.
  • ‘The Shadowing: Hunted’ by Adam Slater. A truly, terrifying read.
  • ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. One for the little ones. Heartwarming, autumnal reading.

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